Azteca Boxing Club – Los Angeles 2017

We spent almost six months in Los Angeles, specifically Bell, California, in 2017 where Gabriel “Tacu” trained at the famous Azteca Boxing Club (legendary!). He trained with one of the best trainers (not to mention, one of the coolest guys) in Southern California, Mario “Yuka” Morales. Yuka is a well-known boxing coach who trained two world champions: Edwin Valero, and Kina Malpartida.

Unfortunately, we had to come home to Arkansas long before Gabriel was ready for his first professional fight due to it costing a few pints of blood a month to live in Los Angeles. But it was an awesome experience, and we hope to go back someday.

Gabriel met and trained with a lot of great people. We couldn’t add everybody’s name as we couldn’t remember – sorry!

Like they are everywhere, most of the boxing gyms in Southern California are affiliated with one another in some way. While training at Azteca Boxing Club, Gabriel often went to other gyms and met up with some more familiar faces.